Building Strong Communities Together

Bringing Affordable Gym Equipment and Community Wellness to Real Estate Developments

TUT Fitness Group and Tribe Property Technologies are proud to announce a great partnership that promotes heath and wellness, accessibility and affordability for Tribe communities.

Our Partnership

  • Installation of TUT Fitness exercise equipment in designated Tribe buildings
  • Integration of TUT’s training videos and Training Ambassadors into Tribe’s community management online portal Tribe Home
  • Bundled TUT/Tribe product offerings for developers of new residential housing construction

In addition to the small footprint, the TUT Trainer features an amazing library of exercise classes and on demand content including fitness challenges. Led by TUT’s amazing team of coaches and using Time Under Tension, these fitness experiences are a safe a fun way to get fit!

The TUT Trainer™micro gym uses resistance bands to provide workouts that are both effective and easy on joints. There are no heavy weights to move around and no spare room needed to set it up – perfect for compact living spaces, condos and more. 

If you have a wall or a doorway, you can have a complete home gym. The TUT Trainer™ Gym quickly and easily attaches to wood studs or any door frame and takes up no space at all.

Weighing less than 12 lbs, and extends less than 6” from the wall, the TUT Trainer is a home gym like no other. It doesn’t need to be plugged in or charged. It’s always ready to go whenever you are. 

Learn more

Interested in learning more about how a TUT Fitness & Tribe partnership could benefit your existing community or planned development? Send us a note.