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TUT Trainer™

The TUT Trainer™ Micro Gym uses industry-first proprietary resistance band technology (TUT Plates™️) to replace heavy metal weights,  improving form and targeting every muscle group without adding pressure to joints or tendons. With more than 250+ exercises, this multi-functional and portable gym also includes the TUT Rower™ (sold separately). Train anywhere with this new breakthrough in functional strength and cardio training.

Key Features

    • High performance micro gym (11.6 lbs/5kg) 
    • Small footprint (<2 sq. ft.) 
    • Portability – Train Anywhere
    • Compliments any gym setting (commercial /at home)
    • Resistance load up to 200 lbs (90 kg) 
    • Less than ½ the price of leading home gym brands
    • TUT Training App* (250+ exercises & OnDemand Workout Classes) 

(*integrates with Apple Watch/Healthkit, Fitbit, Withings, My Fitness Pal)

Select On Demand Videos

HIIT By Sammy

Beach Body by Connor 

Signature Arms by Connor 

Select Exercise Videos

Straight Bar – Reverse Bicep Curl

Straight Bar – Front Raise

D-Handle – Russian Twist

Double D-Handle – Kneeling Twisting Crunch

Jump Belt – Jump Lunges + Squat

Jump Belt – Side Shuffles

Ankle Straps- Assisted V-Tuck

Ankle Straps- Lateral Step and Squat

Ankle Straps- Knee Drive 

Power Bar – Chest Press

Power Bar – Alternating Reverse Lunges 

Power Bar – Bent Over Row