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TUT Rower

The TUT Trainer Cardio rowing machine is extremely versatile. It can be used as a traditional rower, or used like a reformer for a variety of pilates/yoga resistance-style workouts.

Key Rower Features

  • First multi-patented rower (resistance bands & rower) that allows the user to load incremental resistance to the upper body (back/shoulders/arms) and lower body (legs/glutes)
  • Multi-functional rower and reformer  
  • Weighs only 21 lbs.


20+ exercises and growing … 

The TUT Rower can do so many great things including: rowing, single/doubled legged squats, resisted lunges, vertical jump belt hop overs, toe taps, side lunges, ab crunches, plank rollouts, pike rollouts, hamstring curls, skater sliders, and a variety of other pilates-style exercises.  

Select Exercise Videos

Reverse Lunge 

Single Leg Hop Overs

D-Single arm knee hover

Hamstring curl 

Single-leg tucks 

Plank pikes 

Resisted toe taps 

Ab crunch tucks

Traditional rowing 

Single leg press 

Yoga Lunge

Yoga Forward Fold