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TUT Plates™
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Welcome to the TUT Trainer Gym!

Module 1: Why the TUT Trainer Gym?

Why the TUT Trainer Gym?

TUT Plates™ (Bands)

Important Points

  1. Safer, prevent injuries, great for functional and rehab / prehab strength training
  2. Provides constant tension (more resistance) through the entire range of motion resulting in: less pressure on joints & tendons, a higher caloric burn and every muscle group being targeted
  3. Significant strength & muscle gains without having to use heavy weights
    Portable, user friendly & convenient (lightweight Gym 11.6 lbs. Rower 21 lbs.)
  4. Stackable TUT Plates™ & TUT accessories (ie. TUT Rower™ and TUT Power Bar™) provide a complete full body gym & cardio workout while assisting with form and featuring more than 250+ exercises.

TUT Trainer™ Gym (Tower + Accessories)

Important Points

  1. The TUT Trainer Gym uses resistance bands to provide workouts that are both effective and easy on your joints. There are no heavy weights to move around and no spare room needed to set it up.

  2. If you have a wall or a doorway, you can have a complete home gym. The TUT Trainer Gym quickly and easily attaches to wood studs or any door frame and takes up no space at all.

  3. Weighing less than 12 lbs, and extends less than 6” from the wall, the TUT Trainer is a home gym like no other. It doesn’t need to be plugged in or charged. It’s always ready to go whenever you are.

Important: Ensure TUT Trainer™ is locked in place. If “RED” is exposed on the lower end cap locking pin, the TUT Trainer™ is NOT locked. DO NOT start any exercises until ensuring TUT Trainer™ is locked in place.

Important: Ensure TUT Trainer™ chassis spring-loaded pin is set and locked firmly in place before commencing any exercises. DO NOT start exercising until ensuring the spring-loaded loaded pin is set, engaged, and locked in position.

TUT Trainer™ Gym (Rope Clip)

Important Points

When using the TUT Trainer Gym from the bottom, make sure to remove the Rope Clip from the top of the gym.

TUT Trainer™ Gym (Power Bar)

Important Points

Usage – Power Bar

  • To adjust the Power Bar position, grab Power Bar with both hands and pull out left Handle or right Handle and move one of them to the desired position. Perform the same sequence with the other handle.

NOTE: The handles can be positioned parallel or offset

TUT Rower™

Important Points

Ensure adjustable foot pedals on TUT Rower™ are locked firmly in place. The spring-loaded adjusting pins must be set, engaged, and locked firmly in place before commencing any exercises. DO NOT start exercising until ensuring the spring-loaded adjusting pins are set, engaged, and locked in position.

Module 2: Installation

Installing Using C Clamps

IMPORTANT: When installing the Door Clamps ensure they are tightened strongly and securely

IMPORTANT: When using the TUT Trainer™ with Door Clamps, do not perform pulling exercises or any exercises when you are facing the back of the “C’ of the Door Clamps as this could create a shear force and the Door Clamps could dislodge.

IMPORTANT: The back of the “C” of the Door Clamp should be on your right or left, not in front of you.

Module 3: Usage & Maintenance

TUT Bands™

Important Points

1. Always load the resistance bands (TUT Plates™) one at a time and load the bands from the bottom first, then affix to the top.

2. When loading resistance bands (TUT Plates™), make sure to load the heaviest resistance bands on the inside and lighter resistance bands on the outside (i.e.40lbs, 20lbs, 10lbs, 5lbs, 2lbs)

3. When loading resistance bands (TUT Plates™), make sure the band load is balanced; loaded equally on both sides (i.e. 20lbs or left; 20lbs on right)


To extend the life of your TUT Bands, rotate the band by holding the black plastic clip with one hand while pulling on the resistance band with the other. Moving the “pressure point” regularly with extend the life of your TUT Plates™

TUT Trainer™ Gym

Important Points

Important: Ensure TUT Trainer™ is locked in place. If “RED” is exposed on the lower end cap locking pin, the TUT Trainer™ is NOT locked. DO NOT start any exercises until ensuring TUT Trainer™ is locked in place.

Important: Ensure TUT Trainer™ chassis spring-loaded pin is set and locked firmly in place before commencing any exercises. DO NOT start exercising until ensuring the spring-loaded loaded pin is set, engaged, and locked in position.


Notable Media Mentions

“ is a bargain in terms of both price and space and efficiency more strength training bang for the buck.” 

“TUT Trainer Tower Review 2022: A Unique Functional Trainer For Your Home Gym” 

“The TUT Trainer reduces cost, hassle, and space in one fell swoop by replacing traditional weights.” 

TUT Ambassador Testimonials

“It’s super lightweight and versatile, I can take the TUT Trainer everywhere, and do everything I do in the gym.”

TUT Ambassador Andre De Grasse

“The pump is real!!! Dynamic tension with nowhere to hide!!!” Gunnar Peterson

 Celebrity Trainer Gunnar Peterson (clients include The Rock, Stallone, Kardashians, and Katy Perry)

“The TUT Trainer™ is very convenient and without limitations. It’s unique to other equipment because it’s versatile and powerful enough to be used by elite athletes for ballistic movements and safe enough for my non-athletic clients, perfect for prehab, rehab and bodybuilding”.

High Performance Elite Coach Luiz Balcers

“I’m exclusively using the TUT Trainer to rehab my injuries and get ready for the Pickleball season”

Top #5 World Ranked Pickleball Player Steve Deakin

“After using the TUT Trainer for 3 weeks my impression is that it makes Cable Machines look silly! You don’t need loads of different equipment or weights crowding up your room. The TUT Trainer Gym takes up zero space.” 

Elite Trainer Blake Holman

“This is the first time I’ve seen a truly affordable AND portable Time Under Tension device that gives me the versatility and creativity that I want while working with my clients, professional athletes, and celebrities.” 

Celebrity Fitness Coach Ky Evans

8 movements that can change your ability to perform at the highest level of your sport

Paired with our TUT products and backed by World Class Performance Coach Luiz Balcers and Olympic & World Championship sprinter Andre De Grasse, the  TUT Infinite 8™ is a dynamic strength training full body workout program, featuring eight game-changing exercises that fortify your core, supercharge functional strength, and amplify your body’s agility in complex movements. It’s the ultimate fusion of fast and slow twitch muscle engagement, perfect for athletic performance. Equally as important the Infinite 8 also embraces low-impact body movements and supports preventative rehab. 

Just commit to two to three 30-minute sessions a week, and you’ll see a remarkable boost in athletic efficiency with adequate rest and recovery. Your path to greatness begins with the Infinite 8 program.

On Demand Classes

Coach Gigi

Coach Connor

Coach Sammy


Andre De Grasse and Infinite 8™

Andre De Grasse talking about TUT Features & Benefits

Andre De Grasse and Infinite 8™

TUT on the Beach

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Product FAQs

The TUT system allows the user to create sports specific movements and exercises in multiple planes of directions,  while free weights and traditional fitness machines don’t.

With the TUT system you can progressively increase and control the resistance from 2 lbs. up to 200 lbs., using our proprietary stackable bands (TUT Plates™) while tracking the intensity, which can’t be done precisely with resistance bands. As an accessory we sell TUT resistance bands (not our TUT Plates™) that can be attached to the TUT Trainer via the TUT carabiner,  extending both the reach, increasing the range of motion for dynamic exercises like resisted jumps, running etc. Shown in this video and featured in the TUT Infinite 8™.

We even created our own new strength training and mobility program called the TUT Infinite 8™ to support our TUT community of elite athletes like Andre De Grasse and amateur athletes, high performance coaches, trainers and inclusive for anyone starting back on their fitness journey,  or weekend warriors. 



Developed in partnership with TUT and leading high performance coach Luiz Balcers, former South American 110M  Hurdles champion, endorsed by 11x Olympic World Champion Sprinter Andre De Grasse and leading trainers and athletes, the TUT Infinite 8™ are proven exercises that can boost your athletic performance when integrated with a proper recovery and nutrition plan. 

The TUT system is a new breakthrough in strength and cardio training, which uses an industry-first, patented stackable resistance band based TUT Plates™ in 2, 5,10,20, 40 lb. increments instead of metal weights. When loaded onto the TUT Trainer, TUT Plates allow for up to 200 lbs. of resistance to target every muscle in multiple planes of direction increasing or decreasing loads throughout the entire length of a rep, resulting in a maximum caloric burn without added pressure to the joints and tendons.The TUT System’s intuitive design also assists with form. We cycle tested the TUT Plates™ to over 10,000 constant cycles without failure. 

Yes. We’ve designed high performance and safe,  easy to use fitness products, that integrate into any training environment or routine , at home, in the gym or outside,  either at the pro or amateur level,  or as part of a physiotherapy or rehabilitation program. Please refer to our TUT Fitness user manual and install instructions before embarking on your fitness journey. Currently the TUT systems offers up to 300 exercises, however this is changing all the time due to members (customers & trainers) in the TUT community constantly creating new ways to use our versatile products. You are only limited by your imagination. Replicate everything you can do at the gym,  from squats to bench press from single arms curls to tricep push downs etc.