1. Bulgarian split squat

2. Lengthened state single leg curl

3. Resisted squat jumps

4. Resisted broad jumps

5. Eccentric load skaters (resisted)

6. Single leg Romanian deadlift

7. Pallof press

8. Resisted running high knees

Body Building

Straight bar bicep curl

Tricep push down

Straight arm lat pull down

Front raise

TUT’s Unique Differentiation

TUT’s industry-first patented resistance band technology (stackable TUT Plates™) allows the user to add progressive resistance to movements that traditional machines and free weights do not, providing constant and incremental Time Under Tension (TUT) throughout the complete range of motion, while assisting form. Delivering all in one functional strength, prehab/rehab and cardio training and more than 300 exercises the TUT Training system replicates everything you can do in the gym, requiring less than 2 square feet of space, and weighing only 32 lbs total; TUT Trainer™ – 11.6lbs, plus TUT Rower™ – 21lbs. 

The real game changer is the amount of velocity and power you can generate up to 200 lbs., the quick pump you get through progressive resistance, without feeling the pressure on your joints or tendons, all generated from 36 ounces of calibrated resistance bands.