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TUT Fitness Ambassador, Andre De Grasse



We’ve taken on the mission of making exercise accessible, affordable, and effective for everyone. We believe that fitness should not be limited by cost or space constraints, and that it should be both fun and inspiring.


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TUT Fitness Inc.
  • Founded: 2018
  • Head Office: Surrey BC Canada
  • Company Description: Leading manufacturer of high performance and affordable Microgyms. The TUT Trainer™ and TUT Rower and Accessories were designed and developed in Canada and manufactured in China. The company will be finalizing local manufacturing in 2023.  
  • Employees: 8
  • Target Customers: Home Gym Consumers, Trainers & Fitness Operators
  • Competitors: Tonal, Bowflex, Mirror
  • R&D & IP: 19 patents, 5 pending
  • Public Company: TSX.V:GYM OTC: GYMFF Frankfurt: 7PG Shares I/O: 36,716,461

Fiscal Year End: Sept 30th


Andre De Grasse

“The portable gym is part of my training leading up to the Olympics, and allows me to work the whole kinetic chain”

Andre De Grasse, TUT Fitness ambassador and 11x Olympic and World Championship Medalist Sprinter.

Steve Deakin

“As a professional pickleball player and trainer, I am very excited about my partnership with TUT Fitness and the TUT Trainer™ Microgym,” said Steve Deakin. “The TUT system offers anyone, including elite athletes like me, a way to elevate their game in record time, across all the key areas. I love that it builds and recruits all the major muscle groups, adding progressive resistance across multiple planes of motion. Plus, it’s portable. When I was rehabbing from a major wrist injury, I needed something compact and portable that I could bring with me on the road. TUT fit the bill.”

TUT Fitness Group


Our journey began with a clear purpose: to provide a full-body workout solution for tight spaces. Over the years, our portable gym concept has seen several different design iterations. We’ve remained steadfast in our commitment to delivering compact convenience like the world has never seen before. Leaning on the proven concept of Time Under Tension and resistance band training, TUT’s co-founders and team continue to build on it’s vision for the TUT Trainer Microgym opening the door to endless possibilities. Our dedication to innovation is driven by our passion for making fitness accessible to all.

One Product, Limitless Possibilities

The TUT Trainer Microgym is not just another piece of fitness equipment. Weighing in at a mere 11.6 lbs, this portable powerhouse offers unmatched versatility and a stylish space-saving design, all for less than $1000. It’s time to reimagine how you work out. The TUT Trainer’s benefits include increased muscle mass, strength, and mobility.



Rob Smith CEO & Co-Founder

  • Investor and advisor to technology and growth-related brands for the past 28 years.
    Passionate about advancing human performance and wellness
  • Avid athlete, former football & hockey player, and current competitive master’s sprinter, board member of Canada’s largest Track and Field Master’s Club the Greyhound’s.
  • Recruited to TUT Fitness in 2020 to help position the company for high-volume growth, and oversaw a significant corporate rebrand and strategic funding.
  • His goal is to continue to develop TUT’s patented resistance band technology and large patent portfolio, and to grow the business into a major lifestyle brand, and the leading provider of high performance and affordable micro gyms.

 “We believe that by offering accessible, sustainable, and effective fitness solutions, we can empower people to take control of their health and well-being like never before”.

Rob Smith, TUT CEO 


VP Global Partnerships and Business Development

Founder, Head of Manufacturing Asia


Chief Financial Officer

Chief Marketing Officer


Advisor, Corporate Partnerships

Advisor, Athlete Partnerships

Advisor, Retail

“..it is a bargain in terms of both price and space and efficiency more strength training bang for the buck.” 

“TUT Trainer Tower Review 2022: A Unique Functional Trainer For Your Home Gym” 

“The TUT Trainer reduces cost, hassle, and space in one fell swoop by replacing traditional weights.” 

Accessible Wellness For All - A NEW WAY TO EXPERIENCE
Yoga, Pilates, and Rowing-Style Workouts

Elevate your cardio game with the TUT Trainer Rower™. Weighing 21 lbs, it’s the perfect complement to your fitness routine. Just like our Microgym, it’s designed to fit seamlessly into any setting, offering you cardio pilates, and yoga style workouts that are effective as they are convenient.

8 movements that can change your ability to perform at the highest level of your sport

Paired with our TUT products and backed by World Class Performance Coach Luiz Balcers and Olympic & World Championship sprinter Andre De Grasse, the  TUT Infinite 8™ is a dynamic strength training full body workout program, featuring eight game-changing exercises that fortify your core, supercharge functional strength, and amplify your body’s agility in complex movements. It’s the ultimate fusion of fast and slow twitch muscle engagement, perfect for athletic performance. Equally as important the Infinite 8 also embraces low-impact body movements and supports preventative rehab. 

Just commit to two to three 30-minute sessions a week, and you’ll see a remarkable boost in athletic efficiency with adequate rest and recovery. Your path to greatness begins with the Infinite 8 program.

Andre De Grasse and Infinite 8™

TUT Resistance Bands

Andre De Grasse talking about TUT Features & Benefits

Andre De Grasse and Infinite 8™

TUT on the Beach

Customer Testimonials

“The TUT allows me to have the specificity of a weight workout without having to go to the gym or a clutter my house with weights and benches. I am stronger and faster after 3 months of training with my TUT”.

Chris Finding 

Masters track athlete


“I’m a 48 yr. old master’s sprinter with a pb of 51.2 sec. I don’t use a lot of weights in my track training but I was very surprised at the pump I got with the tut trainer. My current goal is to break 50 sec when i turn 50.”

Marvin Johnson

Vancouver, Canada 2022

“The TUT is easy to use, versatile and so convenient it kept me on track with my rehab goals. I love my TUT and highly recommend”. 

Candace Lee

Rock Climber

TUT Trainer™ Gym

• High performance gym (11.6 lbs/5kg)
• Quick & easy set up 15 minutes
• No power required
• Footprint (<2 sq. ft.)Portability – Train Anywhere
• Complements any gym setting (commercial /at home)
• Resistance load up to 200 lbs (90 kg)
• Less than ½ the price of leading home gym brands
• TUT Training App* (350+ exercises & OnDemand Workout Classes)
(*integrates with Apple Watch/Healthkit, Fitbit, Garmin, Withings, My Fitness Pal)


Our Microgym solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Portability: Take your gym with you wherever you go.
  • Promotes lean muscle mass and increased strength
  • Versatility: Customize and choose from 350+ different workouts for sports specific training, and challenge your body in multiple plains of direction.
  • Space-Saving Design: No need for bulky equipment; train from anywhere in less <2 sq. ft.).
  • Improved form, balance & mobility movement:
  • Affordable: Get all these benefits for less than $1000.

Product FAQs

The TUT system allows the user to create sports specific movements and exercises in multiple planes of directions,  while free weights and traditional fitness machines don’t.

With the TUT system you can progressively increase and control the resistance from 2 lbs. up to 200 lbs., using our proprietary stackable bands (TUT Plates™) while tracking the intensity, which can’t be done precisely with resistance bands. As an accessory we sell TUT resistance bands (not our TUT Plates™) that can be attached to the TUT Trainer via the TUT carabiner,  extending both the reach, increasing the range of motion for dynamic exercises like resisted jumps, running etc. Shown in this video and featured in the TUT Infinite 8™.

We even created our own new strength training and mobility program called the TUT Infinite 8™ to support our TUT community of elite athletes like Andre De Grasse and amateur athletes, high performance coaches, trainers and inclusive for anyone starting back on their fitness journey,  or weekend warriors. 



Developed in partnership with TUT and leading high performance coach Luiz Balcers, former South American 110M  Hurdles champion, endorsed by 11x Olympic World Champion Sprinter Andre De Grasse and leading trainers and athletes, the TUT Infinite 8™ are proven exercises that can boost your athletic performance when integrated with a proper recovery and nutrition plan. 

The TUT system is a new breakthrough in strength and cardio training, which uses an industry-first, patented stackable resistance band based TUT Plates™ in 2, 5,10,20, 40 lb. increments instead of metal weights. When loaded onto the TUT Trainer, TUT Plates allow for up to 200 lbs. of resistance to target every muscle in multiple planes of direction increasing or decreasing loads throughout the entire length of a rep, resulting in a maximum caloric burn without added pressure to the joints and tendons.The TUT System’s intuitive design also assists with form. We cycle tested the TUT Plates™ to over 10,000 constant cycles without failure. 

Yes. We’ve designed high performance and safe,  easy to use fitness products, that integrate into any training environment or routine , at home, in the gym or outside,  either at the pro or amateur level,  or as part of a physiotherapy or rehabilitation program. Please refer to our TUT Fitness user manual and install instructions before embarking on your fitness journey. Currently the TUT systems offers up to 300 exercises, however this is changing all the time due to members (customers & trainers) in the TUT community constantly creating new ways to use our versatile products. You are only limited by your imagination. Replicate everything you can do at the gym,  from squats to bench press from single arms curls to tricep push downs etc.