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TUT Fitness
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TUT Fitness Group

TUT Fitness Group (“TUT”) is on a mission to bring high-performance and affordable strength and cardio training to customers everywhere, for less than the cost of monthly gym membership. TUT has designed and manufactured the TUT Trainer™ portable micro gym and the TUT Rower™  to fit anywhere, and to compliment any setting: home, office, commercial gym or outside.  

  • Founded: 2018
  • Head Office: Surrey BC Canada
  • Company Description: Leading manufacturer of high performance and affordable micro gyms. The TUT Trainer and TUT Rower and Accessories were designed and developed in Canada and manufactured in China. The company will be finalizing local manufacturing in 2023.  
  • Employees: 8
  • Target Customers: Home Gym Consumers, Trainers & Fitness Operators
  • Competitors: Tonal, Bowflex, Mirror
  • R&D & IP: 19 patents, 5 pending
  • Public Company: TSX.V:GYM OTC: GYMFF Frankfurt: 7PG Shares I/O: 30,716,461

Fiscal Year End: Sept 30th

INFINITE 8: The 8-Step Exercise Program That Will Increase Functional Strength, Power and Mobility

Leveraging both the TUT Trainer™2.0 micro gym and TUT’s proprietary stackable resistance band technology the TUT Infinite 8™ training program features 8 powerful game-changing exercises that will bullet proof your core, significantly boost your functional strength and your body’s ability to perform complex and ballistic power movements, while maximally recruiting both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers. Performed just two to three times per week in 30 minute sessions the Infinite 8 can dramatically increase your efficiency in athletic performance.


Weighing only 11.6 lbs the TUT Trainer™ differs from bulky exercise machines and free weights by allowing progressive resistance through TUT’s proprietary stackable resistance band technology (TUT Plates™) to be added to any rep or movement. Using just 36 ounces of calibrated resistance bands,  and able to generate up to 200 lbs. of resistance, the user experiences constant and incremental Time Under Tension (TUT) throughout the complete range of motion, and assistance with form. The patented resistance band technology and unique gym design ensures maximum full body muscle recruitment, and multiplanar movement, without added pressure to joints or tendons.