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• Affordable – 350% less expensive than brands like Peloton, Tonal, Bowflex etc.

• Replaces 200 lbs of weights with just 32.2 lbs of stackable, patented resistance band technology — making it one of the lightest multifunction home gyms

• One of the smallest (less than 2 sq. ft) and lightest (32.2 lbs. for TUT Gym + Rower) multifunctional home gyms (250+ exercises), suitable for any living space

• Time Under Tension (resistance band) provides constant load to the muscles through the entire movement, resulting in a higher caloric burn without pressure to the joints and fewer injuries.

• 3 patents granted and 9 patents pending

• No electricity required

• Easy to install; does not require professional certified installers

TUT Fitness Group

Founded 2018 in Vancouver Canada, TUT Fitness Group (“TUT”) is bringing affordable and accessible fitness equipment to the home. TUT has designed and patented one of the world’s smallest, lightest, most affordable high performance portable home gyms that can be assembled and disassembled in minutes and used almost anywhere. 

Targeting consumers and the trainer community, the Company’s flagship products, the TUT Trainer™ and TUT Rower™ are revolutionizing home fitness.


TUT’s patented, industry-first, stackable resistance band (TUT) plates allow the user to increase or decrease resistance loads in 5,10, 20, and 40 lb. increments up to 210lbs of resistance

Utilized in both the TUT Trainer and TUT Rower, this new breakthrough in functional strength and cardio training incorporates Time Under Tension to target every muscle group without the added pressure to joints or tendons, optimizing workouts, and raising the bar for personal home gyms.

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TUT Fitness Group

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