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TUT Fitness Group 

Canadian (Vancouver) based manufacturer of high-performance and affordable fitness products. We’ve designed a patented high performance (mass market ready) portable home gym (The TUT Trainer) that weighs less than 12 lbs, and that uses proprietary stackable resistance band plates (TUT Plates™) to replace bulky metal weights. We also sell a rowing cardio machine that leverages our resistance band technology, and that only weighs 21 lbs.

A New Way to Workout

TUT’s patented, industry-first, stackable resistance bands (TUT Plates™) allow the user to increase or decrease resistance loads in 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40 lb. increments and up to 200 lbs of resistance. Utilized in both the TUT Tower and Rower, this new breakthrough in functional strength and cardio training incorporates Time Under Tension to target every muscle group without the added pressure to joints or tendons, optimizing workouts, and raising the bar for personal home gyms.


Become the new home gym standard offering performance and affordability.


We want to bring the highest value gym experience to every home by offering the most affordable and effective strength training and cardio solutions.


Investor Relations

Rob Smith, CEO