Achieve Longevity
and Wellness!


TUT Trainer™
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Achieve Longevity and Wellness with TUT Trainer!

Treadmill Factory and TUT Fitness are excited to present a new series of videos with Dr. Pierre DesLauriers, one of Canada’s leading sports chiropractors, leveraging the power of TUT’s multi-patented resistance band technology to improve functional strength and overall mobility. 

The TUT Longevity Program developed by Dr. DesLauriers is based on researchers who have determined that there are 3 core pillars to achieving longevity and health. They are:




The TUT Trainer™ can help you meet these goals!

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About Dr. Pierre DesLauriers

He is one of Canada’s leading sport-focused Chiropractors and health care trend experts, lecturing regularly on patient education and health. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for over 26 years, Dr. Pierre has spent the last 35 years working with professional and amateur athletes across multiple sports. He has been published as an authority on strength training and wellness and worked for over 10 years on the editorial advisory committee for Canadian Chiropractor Magazine.

Time Under Tension

This program will measure your progress in terms of ‘Time Under Tension’ (T.U.T.), not how many reps you perform. ‘Time Under Tension’ simply refers to how long (in seconds) you’re able to do exercise repetitions with the weight you’re using.

TUT Training Exercise Video Series

This video series is designed to help you, maintain strength and muscle mass, develop better balance, and grip strength.  Each video is a little bit different and works different muscle groups. This series will feature tips on how to work out harder if you want to.


Learn more about how time under tension works

Learn more about time under tension!

The TUT Rower™ provides a great cardio workout. Having upper and lower body tensioning means you must push to accelerate then equally resist to decelerate. The compound effect of having to equally push and pull provides an exhausting workout in less time than traditional cardio.